Which social platform you should choose to target your potential customers?


Daily active users :1.15 billion

Monthly users :2 billion

Daily mobile active users :1.74 billion

Most common age demographics: 25-34 years of age which are 29.7% of the total users.

Out of 100% males and females 76% of females use facebook and 66 % of the males are users.

Highest Traffic Occurring times :

 In midweek From 1-3 pm people are most likely to engage on facebook. However, it gives you potential to reach more customers and deliver  higher traffic to site during peak usage times.

Nevertheless , people more likely to engage on facebook during weekends i.e Thursdays and Fridays . Even on  certain times of day engagement is higher on an average , for instance, according to forbes  if you go for a facebook post at 7 pm you will get more clicks rather than posting them at 8 pm.

50% of 18-24 yrs age group people go to Facebook as soon as they wake up. 42% of the total Facebook users report that it is the best medium to promote your business online and reach your business goals. However, by using correct Facebook marketing strategy one can stand out from the crowd and mount their business .


Active monthly users : 700 million

Average age groups : 59% of users are from age groups(18-29) and 33% are from age groups(30-49)

Around 80% i.e 77.6 million users are from us.

17% teens report that instagram is the most important social networking site.

Out of all the people who are on internet 32% use instagram.

Some Important facts about Instagram:

Till date large companies have done their sponsored ads of big brands like Nike, Walt Disney.

  1. Instagram is expected to generate about $1.5 billion in mobile advertising sales and $5 billion in 2018 .
  2. It is extensively used by 48.8% of brands and a number is expected to rise to 70.7% ny the end of 2017.

Business Promotion on Instagram

  1. If you want to make posts that require more engagement , hashtags is a prior requirement.
  2. On Instagram videos get more involvement than on any other social media .
  3. Here people get facility of doing more sponsered posts.


No of daily active snapchat users : 173 million
Monthly active users : 301 million
Average snaps per day :3 billion
Average time spend per user on daily basis :30 min
Average age of people who use snapchat : 18-34 yrs
Snapchat reaches 11% of the US total digital population
Average daily user creates 20 messages or snaps per day

Business Promotion on Snapchat

1. Provide access to live events :

One can use it for

  1. Product launches
  2. Trade shows or one of a kind events

It provide more different and authentic view to promote your business . It makes audience excited .

2. Deliver private content :

  1. It can be used to provide some special contents that they might receive on any other platform
  2. Fashion brands use snap chat to promote their collections before hitting runaway this makes a customer feel to be included in the exclusive world.

3. Offers contests, perks and promotions:

You can offer promo codes, discounts to the fans who watch entire snapchat story and ask your customers to take snap by holding your product.

4. Take people behind the curtain:

You can use snapchat stories to highlight tours of offices, happy hours and manufacturing warehouses. In this way you can show how brand differentiate from company culture.

5. Partners with influencers:

You can spread brand awareness and reach to a demographic . By creating spectacular video content that can furthur enhance your brand voice and persnality.


Total number of active monthly users: 328 million
Average age groups:
  1. 37% users – (18-29) yrs
  2. 29% users –(30-49) yrs

Business Promotion on twitter

1. Create a twitter conversion list:

Try to follow people who inspires you , say intelligent things to you and challenge you to think differently .

2. Profile Picture:

Associate image with your business. Make a logo that prperly fits in square size . Most importantly consider switching to headshot.

3. Change your visual branding:

Create a custom branding and use it for twitter background.

4. Publicizing twitter account:

This can be done by giving twitter username in these locations.

  • Website (with a link)
  • Email signature
  • Email newsletter
  • Business cards
  • Paperwork you give to your customers.

Last but not the least create a twitter landing page after your home page and follow constantly your active customers and get active feedback. This would go a long way to enhance your business .

Linked In.

One of the best way to connect to professionals.

Total users : 467 million
Monthly active users : 106 million
Average age groups : (15-34) years
Average time spend by users :17 minutes
Almost 1 million professionals have post on linked in.

Highest number of active users are from Us , India ,Brazil ,Canada and Britain .

Business promotionon linkedin

  •  Linkedin can be used best as a marketing strategy.
  • Best way to promote your home business .
  • Giving Exposure to people looking for your products and services .
  • Getting your introductions to potential clients.
  • Best way to provide messages and invitations .

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