Everything you Need to Know about Whatsapp Marketing

Whenever we think of a social media platform, perhaps Facebook and Instagram are the first names to pop in the minds. And whenever we think of messaging app, the only name which pops to the minds is Whatsapp.
Whatsapp has shaken the markets from the day it has been launched. Few are the people who do not use Whatsapp messenger. With such a wide audience using Whatsapp, it is obvious that we can find potential business leads from there as well.
Now the question arises that why should one use Whatsapp for the businesses?

Why should you use Whatsapp for business?

1. More Traffic:

The best reason could be many of your clients are perhaps already using Whatsapp. A research shows that in a single day, Whatsapp gets the traffic of over 60 billion messages.

2. Preferability:

More than 67% of the people prefer their business talks on texts rather than on call. This according to them saves time and is more comfortable to use. Around 53% of the people are likely to buy from the business they can message directly and get their queries resolved.

3. Hazle-Free:

The market is getting youthful. There is almost no chance that your client is not using Whatsapp or any other messaging app. Now you think yourself; what would you prefer? A call time and again for petty things or text messages which a person can reply to whenever he/she is free?

4. Amazing Engagement:

To add the cherry on the cake, Whatsapp has amazing engagement rates. More than 98% of the mobile messages are opened and read. And in that, more than 90% are opened within 3 seconds!

5. High Sharing Prospects:

To add on the extrapolations, around 84% of the total online sharing happens through private channels like Whatsapp or any other messaging app. So, if you are not marketing your products here, someway, they are getting to people; no matter how slow. Now think, what could happen if you yourself market your products on this platform!
Enough of the pep talks, now let’s come to the Whatsapp marketing strategies and tips.

Whatsapp Marketing Strategies and Tips

We all know that Whatsapp doesn’t offer any type of ads or other business-centric services. Hence it is obvious that one needs to be a little creative and think out of the box to make the odds in the favour.
Before starting with the pros of Whatsapp and its strategies, let’s look at what you need to avoid, what are the things you can’t do on Whatsapp and how to make odds in your favour.

1. Even Private account can do the wonders:

Now as we know that Whatsapp doesn’t offer any business-centric services hence there is no business account which could be maintained. Each Whatsapp account is tied to just one single number. And you can send a message to just 256 users at a time, which might not be good for a large scale business.

2. Personal Aspect is the Pivotal Asset:

Keep that in mind that Whatsapp is mostly used in mobile phones. The mobile phones are kind of personal assets and people consider it closer to them than the laptops or computers. So whenever you are starting a campaign, keep that personal aspect in mind. This is the platform where customers interact with their friends and family. So keep the creativity to that level that the people get bound to share it with others.

“Everything is yours if you know the right shop.”
You can ace at Whatsapp marketing if you know the right tool.

Well, there are some tools, which can help you drill the leads deeper. Let’s have a look at those tools and see how they work.

Whatsapp Marketing Tools

Whatsapp Business App

Whatsapp has just launched its new Business App which is made keeping in mind the small-scale business people. This app has made the work of business people easier by providing the option for automating, sorting or even sending the quick replies.

You can save the message you frequently send and use them as quick replies to answer common questions more effectively. You can also set a message to be sent whenever you are unable to talk or can even set a greeting message.
Since there is no other technical support which Whatsapp provides, you can have your numbers added to the clients' phones and start your productive interactions.


Whatsapp even provides a tap-to-chat link for your website and hence helps people to start the conversation with your brand without any haste. It is necessary that you give a near instant reply to the queries you get. This gives a good impact of business to the people.

Third Party Whatsapp Marketing Tools Implementation

There are many third-party Whatsapp marketing tools and services which allow you to set up multiple Whatsapp accounts. You can find tons of software which could do the part of Whatsapp marketing for you.
But to get the best out of those tools and software, you need professional help.
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With technical know-how and applicable tactics, we can send an exact number of Ten Thousand Whatsapp messages in one shot. The message could be as long as 1,000 characters and can even be a video or an image.
One merit from our side is that if a message is not sent, the credit doesn’t get deducted.
Now reach to over One Lacs of people to advertise yourself. Get the aid from Techies Infotech and see your business reach the masses.

An early adopter is an early winner

Whatsapp isn’t as feature-rich as the Facebook messenger, but it surely is on the way to become feature-rich.
People who work with the Whatsapp norms are more likely to gain success. Since there are fewer advertisers and marketers right now on the Whatsapp platform, early adopters have the favourable odds to ace the game.

Closing Comments

Social media platform these days is the most dynamic platform which changes within the blink of an eye. You surely can’t change your strategies time and again but can get the effective methods to cater to these changes.
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